Sony A-2071-530-A BMX Main Board for KDL-50W800C and KDL-55W800C

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Part Number: A-2071-530-A
Board Number: A2071530A|1-893-880-21
Manufacturer Part Number: A-2071-530-A
Part Type: Main Board
Part Usage: LED TV
IMPORTANT (Please Read):
A software update is required upon installing this part. After replacing this board please go to and download the correct version for your model and follow all instructions. After the update the television may seem to be running slow, but this is normal as the TV is adjusting to the new software and will return back to normal after a few minutes. PLEASE NOTE: Sony software updates can be extremely finicky. We've found that after downloading the correct software to a USB drive, the following procedure has worked best:

Turn TV on
Wait one minute
Insert USB drive
Wait for LED on USB drive to stop blinking
Wait 15 minutes
If on-screen activity does not indicate success, turn TV off, remove USB drive and repeat steps.